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FlightXML2 - 2 Datarecords for one Flightnumber as day

when retriving data bei flightnumber, I get for the same day two results for same Flightnumber which is just a single leg.
It seems, that, the following flight was carried out by “KLC”, but publishe by “KLM”. In any case both, records have valid information of the flight, this is for the first record Registation, for the second record the Flight status. Do I have to change my query to get one “correct” data record?

“TimeOfQuery”;“26.08.2019 21:21:18”;“26.08.2019 21:21:18”
“STD”;“23.08.2019 08:15:00”;“23.08.2019 08:15:00”
“ATD”;“23.08.2019 08:45:00”;“23.08.2019 08:45:00”
“STA”;“23.08.2019 09:35:00”;“23.08.2019 09:35:00”
“ATA”;“23.08.2019 09:47:00”;“23.08.2019 09:47:00”
“Status”;“status: ‘result unknown’ status code: ‘0’ filed_ete: ‘00:36:00’ route: ‘’ state code: ‘3’”;“status: ‘Arrived / Gate Arrival’ status code: ‘1’ filed_ete: ‘01:00:00’ route: ‘’ state code: ‘3’”

Example Code:
FlightXML2b flightxml = new FlightXML2b();
ArrayOfFlightInfoStatusStruct fis = flightxml.FlightInfoStatus(“KLM1764”, 15, 1);

best regards

KLC is KLM Cityhopper, a regional subsidiary of KLM. This looks like the result of a callsign disambiguation failure resulting from the actual aircraft operating as KLM40Y. The results using KLM as the carrier should be preferred.