Flightware XML 2.0 Chrome Issue

Afternoon All,

i’m running into an issue with a map being populated in google chrome. After looking at all of my code I didn’t see any issues. So I went back and downloaded the jquery sample from the documentation page. I then tossed in my user and key and saved it as .htm file. I first opened it locally with firefox and no issue the map came up. When I opened it in chrome the map would not display. I took a look at the developer console in chrome and there were no errors. Not sure when to go on this. Any help would be appreciated.


If you are using the Javascript authentication example without any modification then the request is likely being blocked by Chrome as a depreciated authentication method.

If using Javascript it’s better to use a server-side request like in the node example. This avoids both cross-origin request errors and exposing your FlightXML key to a user that inspects the page source