FlightFeeder Touchscreen

Hi, I’m running a Flightfeeder 10.0 and all is good except the LCD touchscreen doesn’t turn off. The feeder is in a room that ends up being illuminated during hours of darkness.

How does one turn off the display?

Best bet would be to consult with the folks that own and maintain the Flightfeeder:

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Unfortunately it is impossible to turn off the backlight - it’s a hardware limitation, the backlight isn’t software controllable.

It should at least blank the screen to black (though I appreciate you still get leakage from the backlight) - is it doing that correctly?

No, it remains on at the Status, Network, System and Skyaware Map options menu.

Try adjusting the front cover or temporarily remove it and see if it dims. Slight pressure on the touchscreen might cause it to stay on.

Top tip that one. Thanks, adjusting the screws securing the cover did the trick, no more annoying light!

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