FlightFeeder Range Issue

I feed data to FlightAware and RadarBox both. The FlightAware Jet Vision Antenna is placed higher on the mast, the RadarBox antenna is placed below the FlightAware antenna. But the RadarBox system gives me a Max range of 195 Nautical Mile, the FlightAware system barely gives me a range of 150 NM.

Why is it so?

Any Suggestions?

Here is my RadarBox link - Cooch Behar - India Station - AirNav RadarBox - Global Flight Tracking Intelligence | Live Flight Tracker and Airport Status

Flight Aware link - https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/parthacoh



Not enough information to give you an answer.
Guesses include different receiver performance, better/worse coax (feeder in general), PSU getting soft etc.

Can you swap the antenna cables to the receivers to see if the ‘better’ performance follows the antenna or the receiver?


Gradual reduction of range could be water ingress into the coax.

But really no way to say for sure what caused the slow loss of range over the last 3 weeks.

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I swapped the cables and the FlightAware range increased and the RadarBox one decreased.
Maybe I need to place the antennas a bit far from each other, i guess they both are getting some interference as they are right next to each other.

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