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Flightfeeder for Android App not activated?

I have managed to install the app and get it working with the NooElec stick on a Nexus 7 tablet. The app is tracking flights and the login is greyed out indicating that I am logged in to Flightaware. How can I tell if I am activated? When I look at the stas page there are plenty of Android users listed but mine is not among them.

If the login button is greyed out, that means your device has been successfully associated with your FlightAware account.

Have you received a “welcome” message indicating that your Android device is feeding?

No, I haven’t received any message. Should this be on the Android?

It’s an email, so you’ll get it just like any other email.

In order to reset the login status of the app, simply uninstall it and re-install it from the Play Store.

Before you login again, please make sure that GPS is enabled also. If it’s not, it’s possible that the app is not sending messages to us.

OK, it took two reinstalls but it finally gave me back the login. It’s now feeding, Thanks. :smiley:


We’re getting excellent data from you now.

Yes, I just had the antenna relocated on the roof. Unfortunately the Nexus is running on batteries as I am still awaiting a lead from the US that will hopefully let me charge it at the same time. So you will only get a couple of hours at a time before I have to recharge it,

It does seem to be working well now, getting out about 170 nm.

Would you care to elaborate on your setup for the benefit of others?

What kind of antenna are you using?
How far away is the antenna from the device?
Is the dongle located at the antenna or at the device? In other words, is the long cable the antenna feed or the USB feed?
Are you using any amps or filters? If so, what kind?

Add photos if it helps explain it better.

The antenna is a custom built one from Slovakia found on eBay. It cost around $30 including delivery. It is mounted on a post six feet above roof level and is about 50 ft from the receiver. The dongle is at the Nexus, I would not want to have to go up on the roof to replace it. T am not using an amp or filter but I might consider it later if there is any advantage. I think the antenna has enough gain. It is described as a 5/8 type with a gain of 3db.

You can upload images to a third-party image hosting site, such as imgur.com and then reference the image URL in your messages here.

You are in the same boat as me with the Nexus 7. With the stock Nexus firmware, it will not charge and connect to the USB receiver at the same time. Even with the Wireless charging, as soon as you plug in the OTG cable, all charging ceases. You will need to go to Cyanogenmod or another OS to get the OTG to work correctly. I have not gone that far yet but plan on working on it this weekend. I have both 2012 and 2013 Nexus 7 models. Am going to root the 2012 and go from there.


For you guys with the Nexus 7, this cable will solve your problem.

shop.valarm.net/products/micro-u … or-samsung

Though it is not specifically stated to work for the Nexus 7, I have tested it personally on my own STOCK Nexus 7 and it does work. The secret is in the modified circuitry in the micro connector that these guys have custom made.

So, before you go rooting and changing ROMs, try the cable.

The split cable I bought won’t charge my Nexus 7 at the same time as powering the DVB-T adapter. And that’s running on CM (and has been for a long time)

I bought amazon.com/gp/product/B00CXA … UTF8&psc=1 but as there’s so many sellers, what you’re actually getting is probably somewhat varied

Going to order a Valarm cable as above…

In the end I went out and bought a Raspberry Pi, it was very easy to set up and is now running 24/7.

I also get back the nexus for other stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nearly all OTG Y-cables you find “commonly” available will not charge your device since power through to the usb host is not part of the OTG spec. Valarm is in the remote data collection trade-space using low end Android devices and they have resorted to building their own cables. They’ve solved the problem for a few specific devices.

+1 that it works, and works well.

Delivery was somewhat expensive ($8 for tracked, when item was $16), with labels for less than $2.50 postage on the item, even with the envalope, it still comes to less than half the amount cost. No big deal though.