FlightAware Pro Stick Plus poor selectivity

Installed a FlightAware Pro Stick Plus dongle thursday only to find the unit would not work upon
checking it was apparent the unit suffers from selectivity
does anyone know of a decent receiver that i can obtain

Well, the FlightAware Pro Sticks usually give good results. There are better and way more expensive options like jetvisions radarcape or mode-s beast.

Still, maybe your device is just faulty? or maybe adding a filter might help, even though the blue one already has one, some people had better results this way.

First thing to try is to reduce the gain. The default is -10, which contrary to ‘popular belief’ is not low, but absurdly high in some situations when using a pre-amp, which is the case with the Pro Stick Plus.

Try the following to start: 49.6, 48.0, 44.5, and 43.9. See if it makes any difference.

While unlikely, the input may have been zapped by an electrostatic discharge.

Thanks for the reply and i have looked at the site you mentioned and see they have some nice products and
some very nice filters , as of yet i have not looked at the site on an anaysler so that will determine my next step

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Hi Dxista

interesting the values you have suggested i will give that a go sometime this week just the receiver i located
at a nice elevated remote location so will have to ssh into it when time allows

what would be handy is some software that would allow me to see what the unit is receiving on air and also
when connected to a signal generator

Two possibilities, I’m sure there are others, to see what your unit is receiving while not able to access Skyview directly, is to also feed to either RadarBox or ADSBEXchange.

Since you said the unit is at an elevated location, you may need to try even lower gain levels, or add additional filtering. Suggest you run a quick scan of the spectrum next time you visit the site. There are instructions here on the forum explaining how to do it.

Glad I could help. You‘ll probably find some of the products discussed here, too.

What antenna are you using?

With the flightaware antenna and a good location may i suggest even trying as low as 30 as a gain?

Also not clear what your symptom is, what did you check?

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To find what your unit is receiving, you can carryout the RF Scan by using method given in this post:

Do I Need A Filter?

By default, the scan is from 800 MHZ to 1200 MHz, but these limits can be changed.

Hi Thanks for all the help i have finally got everything up and running Gain settings was not making much of a
difference tried a FlightAware ADS-B 1090MHz Band-pass SMA Filter and that was still not up to the task
so i went hunting and found an old AFL Spectrum dividing filter re tuned it as a nice bandpass and another
with a notch and everything is now working great

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