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Flightaware pro stick MCX connector support?

Hi everyone, I have been looking for an antenna upgrade and came across this.

It has an MCX connector on the end which is not the same as the flightaware stick, however the amazon listing for the pro stick says “No MCX adapters required” does this mean it should be plug and play?

If it isnt, what is the connector that attaches to the airiel called so i can get a cable from that to SMA to cut out extra resistance from an adaptor.

Many thanks.

why not just go for this one which comes with a sma connector


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Honestly I only picked that one becasue it was the cheapest 66cm, if I can save £20 I’m inclined to do so.

now you know why it’s cheaper.
You will need an adapter, the MCX connector does not work on the FA stick with it’s SMA connector
I would assume something like this. But be aware that any connector can reduce reception/performance


The antenna end looks like a N connector.

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Looks like it might well be a 75ohm N connector.
The cable is an RG6 equivalent.

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As far as i know they are selling it with different adapters already. However he will still need a N to SMA connector

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Thanks everyone, I think that for a newbie like myself I would be better off just buying the more expensive varient that Daz reccomended. At least that way I’ll know im not bying the wrong thing :sweat_smile:.

if you look on amazon they also do with with a sma connector and it has airband in as well, its around £39.99

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Could you link me? I’m having trouble finding it. Many thanks

This one

No idea what its like

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