FlightAware Discussions Upgrade Announcement!


As part of FlightAware’s efforts to improve the social experience for our user community, we will be converting to a new discussion forum the week of Aug 14th. The new discussion site will be hosted on the Discourse platform.

We will be fully migrating the existing content to the new platform to provide a seamless experience. Additionally, the new platform offers a variety of new features and enhancements. In particular, you will find that sharing images and code snippets is much easier. You will continue to have single sign-on from FlightAware.com (so, no separate login/password). The mobile web experience is also much improved over the existing discussions site. While the look and feel will be significantly different, we are excited that our new platform will offer a much improved overall experience and improved usability.
We would like to invite you to take a look at the https://try.discourse.org/ to get a feel for what to expect at the new FlightAware Discussions page.

[ul]What will be happening on week of Aug 14th:
[li]Aug 14th
[ul][li]FlightAware will prepare for migration over to new site[/li][/ul][/li]
[li]**Aug 15th-Discussions set to READ-ONLY Mode **
[ul][li]Old Discussions site will be placed into a ‘Read Only’ mode in the afternoon – users will be able to access the page, but no posting will be available[/li][/li][li]Discussions data will be migrated to the new site, including all posts and private messages[/li]
[li]Discourse will perform additional tweaks in preparation for going live[/li][/ul]
[li]Aug 16th or 17th
[ul][li]Migration can take 24hrs or more to complete; as soon as the migration is complete, the team will check to ensure content looks good and proceed to open the forum to all users[/li][/li][li]New Discussions site will be ready for use![/li][/ul][/ul]

Thank you for participating in the FlightAware discussions site!

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