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Flight Team Question

I’ve been invited to join a flight team. Cool. However, I don’t seem to see any way to " exchange information (flight notes, fleet lists, aircraft pictures, messages, and more)".

How does the Flight Team function work?


I would like to know this too…

Also, is there anyway to message a person directly? There are some people in my area that I would like to talk to regarding their setup but I can’t find a way to PM them unless they are active in the forum.


At the upper left of the discussion page is “N new messages”. Clicking on it leads to the PM system, which nobody seems to use or even know about- FA staff included.


Thanks for the reply, but I think they need to be registered and have used the forum to be able to send them a message. I put in the username of the person in my area and it said that they do not exist when I tried to add them on the recipient line.


that would explain it’s curious behavior. I had assumed it was global for FA, but is only within the boards.