Flight Planner Issues

  1. Equipment keeps showing up as /L. I am /G and I have made certain that RVSM is not selected.

  2. On iPad, everything works fine, except the file button. It has to be pressed repeatedly to continue, and sometimes it never continues.


Showing up as /L in the filed flightplan or on the site after you file?
/L in the filed flightplan is for Light (under ~7.5t) since we file ICAO flightplans.

We’ll look into the iPad issue.


Ahh, it does show up /G on the flightplan and /L on the site. OK, that question is solved.


Are there known problems with the flight planner today? It doesn’t seem to be working.


Working fine here, I just planned and filed a flight. Where are you running into an issue?


It seems to be working now. It wouldn’t register the time, altitude or alternates. Basically nothing was working. Thanks!