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Flight Plan Route Decoded

First of all, I am not a pilot, so forgive me for this dumb question.

Below is a picture of a flight plan route. I understand the origin and destination codes (KARB & KMKE). The navaid is a radio beacon that the pilot flies toward. The reporting point is where the pilot reports his position, which I can tell by the Lat/Lon. But what is DUNKS, LESSY, SARAN, etc., etc… Are these the name of the person that the pilot talked to?

Thank You, Bernie.

DUNKS, LESSY, SARAN, etc are actually intersections, the point where radials from two VORs cross each other. The “V2” and “V170” designations are airways defined by the VORs and intersections.

Thanks FlyNYC for the explanation.

I looked at a chart (SkyVector) and I did see V2 and V170. I also found DUNKS, LESSY, SARAN, and the other ones.

Once again, Thank You.



One thing for sure, not a dumb question as I got the very same question from my passengers asking if ATC was calling me when they heard ATC tell another plane, direct ALLEN as they approach Jackson MS :laughing:

Even spelled the same way as my first name.

Much to my chagrin, that point of airspace was not named after me!

Just make sure you don’t get any ground indentations named after you before your time! :wink: