Flight aware app on my ios not working


i have an iphone 7 and i have never used a jailbreaken iphone
recently i decided to jailbreak it so i can get some apps like tutuapp and so on
after the jailbreak when i go to flight aware app it opens the app and then closes it automatically
i am not able to do anything

Nox ShowBox


Hi there,
We don’t support the app on jailbroken phones. Sorry.


I have iPhone 7 i have never use jailbreak for my phone. I am using showbox app on my iphone without jailbreak. You can also get it from official showbox to stream latest and old movies, videos and others for free.


I’m also having the same problem most of the people are having this bug it’s really annoying Please help


FlightStats gets the first shoutout in the list, almost despite its rather bloated UI. Unlike most other apps of FlightStats’ ambition (simple and functional), the app comes for free and is not entirely mutilated by in-app advertisement.