Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance

Is there anyway to filter Lifeguard flight’s by airport. For example: a way that you could see AUS has X amount of air ambulance flights per month?

You can see a list of all current lifeguard flights here. If you’re interested in historical lifeguard activity in certain areas, contact us about a custom report.

That’s interesting…not that I would pay for it, but it would be fun to see what, say, Rochester, Minnesota would have for that activity for a month or more…

You made me curious, so the top airport in the country for lifeguard flights is… KSLC.

Hmmmmph…that is interesting…I’ll have to watch them for a while…don’t know what makes them special…TC

KSLC is the top airport in the country for lifeguard flights based on what time frame? Day, Month to Date, Year to Date???

I can think of a few *possibilities *why:

  • largest city for many miles around

  • the Mormons take care of their own so lots of flights from Utah and surrounding territory to the major Mormon medical center

  • Lots of winter sports related injuries

THESE ARE ALL GUESSES so don’t raz me, eh

The last week.

That is because the largest Air Ambulance company in the nation is based on SLC.
They also own Guardian flight in AK.

Which is who?

Waiting for my buddy to text me back. He works for them

Just wondering who’s the best.

KSLC is home to IHC, Intermountain Health Care. A large regional Hospital chain. They operate their own aircraft, 4 King Air’s, 3 Augusta 109s, and at least 1 Bell 407.

The University of Utah Hospital also has 2 PC-12s and 3 various Bell Helicopters that are run under contract by Air Methods.

They both serve a geographically large area and the Hospitals have renowned burn, cardiac & pediatric care. Geography acounts for the large number of flights. Agriculture, Oil & Gas, and road accidents (50-80 miles between everything) gets people hurt.

I believe that Denver based, Air Methods is the largest Air Medical operator in the country. This happened about 4-5 years ago when they purchased/absorbed Provo, UT based Rocky Mtn Helicopters.

PHI would be 2nd largest Air medical operator in US.

No boys Goose is spelled with two O’s

I’m not sure your info is accurate. Are you including all flights that are AA coming from out of the country? we get on average 2 AA flights a day in FLL and MIA as well as FXE.

I’m counting everyone using a lifeguard prefix and SLC is seeing more than 2/day (I don’t recall the exact figure).

thanks- sorry for being a doubting thomas