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Firehose positions update rate


Hi all,

I’ve searched for information on the forum but the informations I’ve found do not totally answer my question so new thread! :slight_smile:

Actually we are testing Firehose API after testing FlightXML v2.

I’m able to connect and to send the init command.

live user user1234 password password1234 events "position" latlong "42.959 3.9 44.3756 7.707"

It’s working but the positions come every 30~40 seconds. It is quiet long and I cannot do real-time flight tracking.

There is some max area for the bbox? I’ve tried with smaller bbox but same update rate.

I read something about update rate on the Firehose FAQ:

What determines how frequent positions are sent?
We use intelligent rate limiting algorithms to minimize the number of positions that are sent when the flight is at cruise, and not at low altitude or maneuvering. During those non interesting phases of flight, only one position per minute is typical. During the more interesting phases, there might be 5 positions per minute or so.

So in fact Firehose does not provide “real-time” update. It’s better to do pulling on FlightXML?

Thanks for helping.



I’ve reached out to the email associated with your account concerning the Firehose questions.