Fastest Speed (kts) ever seen on a commercial tracklog?

I was on a flight from KSAN to KDFW a few months back. Check the top speed on the tracklog! Over 550 kts.

What is the fastest you have seen in tracklogs and are these accurate? :open_mouth:

excerpt here: Aircraft: MD-82/Q

04:55PM 32.15 -105.09 558 33000 level Albuquerque Center
04:56PM 32.12 -104.89 **558 **33000 level Albuquerque Center

Max speed for this aircraft is 500kts so how did we hit 558 kts?


this is nearly mach 1 right? was this a risky speed?

Don’t know. What is mach 1?

That would most likely be the Concord.

that was your GROUND SPEED not your True Airspeed.

Yes at FL330 that’s be over Mach. But your true airspeed was more like Mach .78 to .85

Uhhhhh, what Flyboy meant to say was “Hell yes it’s dangerous! Any moment now an airliner is going to experience mach tuck!”

Is Mach Tuck that little roll of fat that hangs over your belt because you ate too many Big Mach’s?

Frank Holbert

No…that’s the dreaded Dunlop Syndrome :open_mouth:

I always thought that was the Michelin Roll!

Not to be confused with tuna roll. … 537kts.htm

I think I dated that girl once! She was 25 but looked the same with longer hair.

This was heading north- needless to say the trip home was a long one

^Flying In what?

A small twin.

LR-35a FL450

And your fuel burn was low up there too…

Going to CFB Trenton? Was it a C-21?

'Twas a Lear 35. Flyboy flies air ambulance. He goes to ALL the glamorous places!

I’ve laned at Gitmo also…