Emirates flight dropped from 20,000 to 1,500 feet ....

Narrow escape for Emirates’ Kochi flight, 23 injured
BS Reporter / Kochi April 26, 2010, 0:54 IST

A major air disaster was averted this morning when an Emirates flight from Dubai to Kochi hit an air pocket over the Bangalore airspace before landing safely at Nedumbasserry International Airport in Kochi. The incident caused injuries to 23 people on board.

Passengers suffered anxious moments when their aircraft had a free fall of almost 18,500 feet in an air pocket. The plane hit an air pocket during flight, and dropped from a height of 20,000 to 1,500 feet.

Fortunately, the pilot was able to regain control after dropping 18,500 feet and managed to control the plane just in time to land safely at the Kochi airport.

BS Reporter

Apparently. What in tarnation is an “air pocket” ?



One of the best parts…

“Air Pocket” - A meteorological term used by reporters who don’t know any better.


Kinda like the “seal of approval” from the “American Meteorological Society” :question: our local "Guessing Gus Gordon has.

While the original description contains very little but excrement from male bovines, this is a real incident that actually happened, but to nobody’s surprise, the actual numbers are much more realistic, and much less impossible.

Passengers on an Emirates Airline flight from Dubai to Kochi in Kerala had a rough ride on Sunday when heavy turbulence forced the plane to drop 200 feet as it prepared for descent. Twenty passengers and three crew suffered minor injuries, according to an airline official. The aircraft was cruising at 35,000 feet when the incident occurred.

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To be fair, he did identify himself as a BS reporter. 8)