Divert page?

How about creating a webpage that populates with a list of diverts by day?


I think that’s a good idea (but I have a vague recollection that there has been prior discussion of this).

An alternate suggestion for you is to follow Yahoo’s “CivilAirComms” discussion forum. Lots of postings there about things heard on ATC frequencies that may or may not lead to diversions. After all, is it the diversion itself that is so interesting or is it in knowing the reason for the diversion?


I was looking around in some other code and look what I found: flightaware.com/live/diversions.rvt

Now that’s cool!

http://djforum.free.fr/smileysmileysmiley/v2/surprises/surprises.smileysmiley.com.54.gif I’m with Tim!

Mark, I just picked up your comment today. Thanks! That ‘diversions’ page is worth its weight in gold in Dallas this afternoon. I’m finding some amazing flight tracks for which I am pleased not to have been on those planes.

The diverted page is pretty interesting… however, the links for the A/C do not link to the diverted flight in question, but instead link to the ‘front’ page for each A/C number, so if the divert you were looking for was a few days ago it’d be hard to find…