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Diversity or else 2 channel antenna in ADS B feeder

Hi All from Greece
I was wondering if it is possible to create and use a ADS-B 1090 receiver with Diversity capability. I know that means the use of two 1090 dongles or something similar. Thanks

MLAT wont work when feed from two dongles is combined at user end, and combined feed is sent to Flightaware.

Thanks for your response but I’m still wondering how radarcape with 2 receivers Mlat works fine (I think)

The FPGA receiver gets a 2nd analog front-end with ADC and can handle the output from multliple ADCs.

That way the timestamps aren’t an issue.
It’s also using GPS timestamps in the receiver i believe.

So … having two receivers with GPS timestamps would work as well i think.

And before you ask, no you can’t give an SDR GPS timestamps.
The GPS module would need to be integrated into the SDR, not a separate USB device or sth along those lines.


I see Thanks so much