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Discrepancies with date validation when creating alerts.


I’m developing an application that uses the JSON API and I’ve been experiencing some discrepancies with validation between FlightAware Interface and the JSON API. Within the FlightAware interface I’m able to create alerts for the previous day. If I attempt to do the same thing through the JSON API I receive the following error:

{"error":"INVALID: invalid {date_start}"}

Is there anyway to change this behavior in the API to match the FlightAware Interface?

This is the request payload for the alert I attempt to create on 2/28 for the date range 2/27 - 3/06 which generated the error above.


You cannot create an alert that begins too far in the past. The date_start is allowed to be up to ~24 hours in the past (I think) just to allow setting alerts for flights that might still be in the air.