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Delta's N861DN Squawking 7700

Is it just me, or is my Flightaware app stuck? It seems like this aircrafts squawks 7700 just about every other day.

I saw this incident too, but they seemed to continue to destination without issue?

Previous such incident with the same plane were on the 21st and before that on the 10th, 7th, 3rd of August. Also 28th, 16th, 14th, 11th, 10th of July. I’ve not checked further back into June…

Does seem a high amount of 7700 squawks?

Speak of the devil, it’s just done it again!

Another alert today, but when i managed to look a few minutes later it was squawking a regular code. Weird.

I don’t see a 7700 for this tail on 21 or 22 August UTC (wasn’t sure what timezone you were using) in our data.

What, exactly, is the data source you are using? You said “alert” but AFAIK we don’t generate any alerts based on squawk.

FR24 has alerts 7600/7700 squawks. N861DN 7700’d at 4:31 (Eastern) this morning and again just a few minutes ago at 9:45 Eastern.

I’d say this is a problem specifically with FR24’s data then. We did not emit 7700s into our main data feed at those times and they don’t seem to be real squawks.

Squawks can be quite unreliable when heard via non-ADS-B Mode S (i.e. DF 5/21 replies), those message types are particularly vulnerable to noise because of the way they are encoded. In the raw data it’s common to see intermittent bad values. We do post-processing of the raw data both on individual receivers and when aggregating data to clean this up. I guess that FR24’s processing is not so effective.