Decoding and displaying Tower Enroute Control (TEC) routes

FlightAware does an excellent job of decoding the waypoints and airways contained in filed IFR clearances and displaying them on the map. It would be great if this feature could be expanded to include decoding Tower Enroute Control (TEC) routes.

For example, the filed IFR route for this flight N840PA Flight Tracking and History 12-Nov-2021 (KSBP-KRNM) - FlightAware
is the SBAP67 TEC route, which expands to RZS V597 OCN V208 JLI over a distance 269 NM. However, it is shown in FlightAware as a direct route from KSBP to KRNM over 228 NM, which also results in an inaccurate ETA, showing an arrival sooner than expected.

An FAA database of the current TEC routes can be found at NFDC Preferred Routes Database

Thank you for your consideration!

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