Creating Flight tracker in Ruby on Rails


Hey all, I am creating a flight tracker app and I am a little confused with where and what to put for the map image… I actually am pretty confused with a lot of it. I have an API key but I just dont know where to start… Any help would be great!

Thank you


You will want to use “FlightInfoEx” to get the details about the flight you are interested in. Note that there will likely be multiple flights (over different days) for any given flight number so you will probably need to let the user pick which one they want.

Once you know which flight from the above call, you can use the corresponding faFlightID to call “MapFlightEx” to generate a map of the requested flight. There are several arguments you can pass to that function to control the map creation, and the return will be a Base64 encoded version of the image.

Alternatively, you can draw your own map by using the latitude/longitude of the flight and its path, as returned by “GetHistoricalTrack”, which will give you much more control over the appearance and interactivity of the map.


I appreciate your fast response, however I am still having issues with consuming the API and knowing where to put the fields. I have only been coding for 12 weeks and this is a project that I have taken on…


I would recommend you looking at the Ruby “savon” example located on … ation2.rvt for an example of using Ruby. (There is also an example using soap4r that uses a custom ruby package from github, however I have found soap4r to be less actively developed and I believe there are some version compatibility issues with newer versions of Ruby.)

I can answer specific questions about our service or help you solve an error message related to FlightXML, however I’m not going to assist you with general programming concepts.


great!! Well I tried the example out and I get several errors depending on what I do. I get a constant uninitialized error and then I get an error with the SOAP_URL = ' url… I don’t know what I am doing wrong…


Try using a debugger, or display intermediate results to a log file.