Commercial Low Supersonic (Non-SST)

On flightaware, sometimes it will display a flight flying between mach .90-1

  1. Is this accurate?

  2. Are high subsonic (.90Mach) or supersonic speeds capable on subsonic aircraft, especially heavies?

Have we not been down this road a few hundred times?

FA displays ground speed, not TAS

Give it up! The secret is out so stop trying to hide the fact that every jet aircraft made in the last fifty years is capable of near sonic speeds. Wind has nothing to do with it. :smiley:

Lest the OP think I was mocking him, it was said with tongue in cheek for those that have answered before.

Yes, they all had to go there (M0.07 over dive IIRC) in testing.

edit: Where there is high subsonic, not supersonic.

Question: What was the first commercial jet to be flown above Mach 1?
Pick 1:
A. TU-144
B: Concorde
C: DC-8
D: 707


DC-8. I knew that already because Wikipedia is awesome.