Code example using PHP 5.3.1 / SOAP

This image doesn’t load for me.

We currently have a PHP sample on our website that is very similar to your example, except that the function demonstrated is different. Your example also uses SoapClient instead of PEAR::SOAP_WSDL: … xample_PHP

Did you encounter a specific problem that made use of SoapClient easier?

PEAR::SOAP_WSDL & PEAR::HTTP was depreciated years ago, and doesn’t run on newer installs of PHP (e.g. 5+).

Tried for hours to get the code example on your website to work…after fixing the first dozen errors I went back to SoapClient which is in my mind superior to the PEAR package.



Okay, that’s good to know.

However, I have been able to run the original sample on Fedora 12 with php-5.3.1-1.fc12.i686 and php-pear-SOAP-0.12.0-3.fc12.noarch without any problems.

I’d try it again, but I no longer have a FlightXML API key or access to my previous employers Linux server.

I might sign up for another one just to test it out & report back.