Change username


How does one change their username here? Thank you


There is currently not a way for members to change their usernames. I can update your username for you, provided that your choice is available.


I hate my current username (even though its a slogan on a jetBlue A320). since you can’t change it, I want a staff to please change my current name to Aircommander311. thanks a lot.


Is “Turd Ferguson” available?

Just checkin’ :slight_smile:


Good day please can you change mine to: EagleAirOne


Can you please change mine to WingletsAviation


I updated the username. You will need to reactivate your account. You can do so at the following link after logging into the account.


Can you please change my username to ko3n?


I see that you are also a feeder, this may or may not mess up the stats on the account. Would you like to continue with changing the username?


No problem, I guess we’ll find out. Please proceed with the name change.