Caravan TAS


I currently drive a c206, thinking about getting a caravan. For all those van drivers out there, What kind of TAS can I expect out of the van. Also does the cargo pod reduce speeds by 6-8 kts?



Plan on 160kts. it’s “ABOUT” the same speed as a PA-31/350


Thanks I was hoping for 175+, maybe I get close to that w/ 50% useful load on board.


what do you want to use it for?


75% of my trips are 125NM. With 3 growing kids 2 dogs and going into a grass strip (XA92). oh and the wife. most of the other trips are 400nm or less. Would like more room and the realilability of a turbine.


Well you’ll love the room in the C208, over the C206. I flew both AC in Alaska and you’ll find that the -208 flies just like the -206. And as far as room, we use to load a TON of sh*t in the Caravan. Use to move a lot of Snow-go’s (or as you might know them- Show mobiles) and barrels of fuel. 4 wheelers. you name it. you can put it in the 208.
Out there is West Texas you need a good airplane, it’s still a long flight to get somewhere. But better then driving.


Take a look at the new Quest Kodiak. They claim 180 kts. With fuel for your average trip, you should be able to haul most anything you want. Garmin 1000 avionics and less than 1000ft t/o and ldg distance. I believe the asking price is around $1.4 mil.


One thing to keep in mind- Cessna has been around for a long time and getting parts for a c208 wouldn’t be as hard to find as a Quest if they went out of business


Also, there are a few Caravans conveniently smashed up at some of the more out of the way locations. Kind of a “you-pull-it” airplane parts yard!


Figure on 165 knots, the underbody pod will cost you 9 knots. A good stable aircraft for carrying eight full size people passenger. Plane can take off in 1,000 feet if you stand on the brakes, and run the turboprop up to cruise numbers. I have been flying in one that has the G1000, the glass panel needs to be checked out, some items not working correctly.


Such as?

Details please, thanks.


Regarding the G1000 Caravan, just minor stuff, one PFD not talking to the other PFD on certain things. Had trouble line up the CDI on VOR 1 setting, on the second PFD. The plane was delivered last month needs some minor adjustment done to it.

Very smooth aircraft to fly. On a Saturday flight of 25 minutes each way, plane burned 36 gallons total. This particular Caravan the airplane was delivered without the under body baggage pod.


I think if we’ve learned anything during the past 2 months… they’re ‘snow machines’.


Na the wusses in Anchorage might call them that but everyone north of there call them Snow-go’s. In Fairbanks and Galena there are actually sings that say “Snow-go X-ing”


Thanks for all of this input. Sounds like the 675 w/o the pod is the way to go for me.