can't locate missing friend


I’m hoping someone can help me locate my friend who was to leave Lagos, Nigeria on Sept 7, 2006 on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight number kl0588 going to amsterdam…have no idea if he made it to amsterdam or not or how to go about finding him…I was to pick him up at the airport in Flint Michigan and he did not arrive and have not heard from him, nor has his friend in Nigeria…is there a way to find out if he ever made it to Amsterdam and how would I go about it. I had the airport in Flint check and he was not on any flight to Detroit that they could find but couldn’t track back any further…there must be a way…he has had problems getting out of Africa for the past month…he is a British Citizen working in the USA on a working visa…if he could contact me I am sure he would but I’m really worried about him…can anyone help???


The DUTCH EMBASSY in the United States MAY be able to help you, or direct you to how to contact the Nigerian embassy in the Netherlands.

Hope it helps…


thank you for your reply I will try both of those and I do have someone in NIgeria that I have asked to go to the british embassy there as they had been there several times to get him help to get out of Nigeria…you wouldn’t believe all the things that have happened to him there…but thanks for your suggestions I really appreciate it…If he does find a way to contact me I will post. thanks again


Yeah - sounds pretty complicated as to which country’s embassy and where should be contacted, but I think (unfortunately) going through all that red tape is the only way…

Hope you hear from him soon.


The story looks very suspicious to me(I’m sorry if I’m way off).
Do you know this friend personally or you just met him on the internet? Did he say he hasn’t enough money to get a ticket and asked you for them? If so I’m sorry to announce you that you have been the victim of a scam.


Hmmmm, Nigerians… :wink:


Y’all are NOT suggesting the OP is a victim of the 419 Nigerian Letter Fraud? :open_mouth:
She says, “He is a British Citizen working in the USA on a working visa.”

419 EATER is a great site if you have a few spare hours to kill! My favorite story is the The Tale of The Painted Breast


Not the 419 Nigerian Letter Fraud but something similar. They aproach you, “socialize” with you on messenger and then they tell you they are stuck in Nigeria because the banks there don’t cover their checks. They ask you to give them money with your credit card or by Western Unioun.
How do I know this? Someone tried to do it to me,I realized it was a scam but I played along trying to get his ip but he was very prudent: didn’t go on any links that I gave him and wouldn’t accept file transfers.


419 EATER is a great site if you have a few spare hours to kill!

Great site! Those people are hilarious (both the scammers and the ones who trick them) :slight_smile:



Ain’t that the truth?!! That site sidetracked me for nearly 2 hours from finishing my FA Forum reading. :slight_smile: