Can we see if a flight has crashed?


I know it’s kind of morbid, and I apologize for that. My husband flies a lot and I always watch him here on FlightAware. If something were to happen and the plane were to go down, would it show up here? How would I know? Would there be some kind of message?



Are you talking about piloting an aircraft or flying as a passenger in one?

An accident would not show up with the word “accident” in the flight tracker. The track would show something like an arrival of “n/a”. There more than likely would be a posting here in the forum regarding the accident.

If it’s an airline flight then it would more than likely be in the media.


He’s a corporate pilot, not for the airlines. :slight_smile:


Jaime, you wouldn’t be able to determine via tracking if something like that were to happen. As another corporate guy myself…your man will come home. :wink:


What Az is trying to say… have a six’r in the fridge for him. :stuck_out_tongue:


:open_mouth: :laughing:


Welcome to Flight Aware.

If a plane crashes, most likely it will show up as … ultunknown


Just note that Allen said “IF”… There are circumstances of a “result unknown” that are NOT unusual or would indicate an aircraft down. Example: An aircraft on an IFR flight plan cancels that flight plan enroute and continues to a destination or changes destination uncontrolled by the FAA.

The aircraft left the coverage area of the FAA and FlightAware is no longer receiving updates