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Building a new receiver, this is going in a prime location - Suggestions for receiver/preamp/filter please

Switched mode PS are very efficient, don’t get that hot.

Useful tips in here, thanks. We are definitely going to put a fan on the CPU and heatsink the Airspy.

If you look at some offers for this type of ps, they mention using a heatsink if you are going to use the 3 amps it is able to deliver. Maybe that is just to cover themselves, or because this becomes an issue in hotter climates. Nevertheless, maybe adding a small heatsink won’t do any harm.

I’ve also used a lot of those VReg modules - both with LM2596 or XL6009 (both versions look pretty much the same)
I’ve never had a heat problem, but always use them conservatively - if they are rated 3A, I feel they should last fine when used to supply 1A.
Having said that, TI show the LM2596 is capable of supplying 7.5A on a well designed PCB with adequate cooling (ref. Fig.13).
One other thing to consider when down-rating is that a $1 module from ebay probably doesn’t have a genuine TI chip, so the datasheet is a guide only.

Recently, when space hasn’t been an issue, I’ve been using the ‘display type’ module because the volt/amp meter allows basic diagnostics without having to pull out a multimeter.

I decided this discussion deserves a thread of it’s own, so I ran some tests and here are the results.


LM2596 - 150kHz
MP1584EN - Programmable Switching Frequency from 100kHz to 1.5MHz

It’s all up and running: Click here for more info and once I’ve got everything sorted, I’ll have a link to the Skyview page for our receiver.


Those stats are getting ridiculous!
I think that’s because of all the low flying aircraft you receive
(for low flying aircraft positions are counted/recorded twice as often by FA)


Keith, out of curiosity: there are three “Martello Towers” in / near Clacton-on-Sea: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Clacton-on-Sea#/Martello_Towers Also easy to be found on GMaps.
But which one is occupied by your gang? :innocent:

UPDATE Nevermind - it seems to be this one: https://britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/101309070-martello-tower-st-osyth - far more west than Clacton-on-Sea

None of those - We live in the one at Point Clear.

I wonder if the antenna that was “bad” wasn’t actually bad.

Maybe the ebay one is just better at rejecting the 433 MHz repeater.

Oh, it was bad. There’s no 70cms repeater at the tower :slight_smile:

I think I walked past that caravan park unknowingly ages ago, on the beach side. I’ll visit next time :smile:

If anyone wants to look at the Skyview for the new receiver, you can see it here.

This may look static but it updates once every ten seconds - I’d like to say a massive thanks to @wiedehopf for his help setting this up over the last couple of days.


That is an amazing location :open_mouth:

Probably too late now, especially as you have better equipment now (read airspy), but I wonder whether FA wouldn’t have send you an flightfeeder, that really is a prime location!

I wouldn’t have thought so, this area is very well covered with feeders already.

You are probably right, and this way you actually have control over software and hardware, much more fun and interesting than plugging in a FF.

That’s exactly it. Technically, there is absolutely no need for another feeder in the area but I wanted to do something a bit special and hopefully we’ve managed that.

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Little bit of a shame that you have all those All Call replies here in Europe.

With the lower message rate in the US and elsewhere you aren’t as capped by message rate and can get actually get higher position/s rates.
(Doesn’t really matter too much for the FA stats though as the position is not recorded too often)

I guess you could sectorize the setup but i wouldn’t even know how to setup the antenna.

What would be the optimal shape of metal to put between two colinear antennas?
(To split up the sky)


Very nice location.!

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Damnit, I’ve got the bug again and so it’s time to upgrade my own feeder as well. These bits have arrived already, just waiting for the LNA to turn up.