BREAKING NEWS : Air India Express B738 Crash 158 Dead


Just breaking …UPDATES TO FOLLOW

An Air India plane arriving from Dubai crashed Saturday morning after it overshot a runway while trying to land in southern India, and officials feared as many as 160 people on board were killed.

Television images showed smoke rising from the aircraft at the airport in the city of Mangalore as rescuers struggled to reach those inside.

UPDATE 8: Air India press conference about to start at 1:35 AM EST - watch at … x7&live=tv

**UPDATE 7:**According to a survivor a tire burst on landing (no official confirmation)

UPDATE 6: Airport runway described as a “table top runway” which is why the aircraft ended at the bottom of a valley when it overshot

UPDATE 5: NDTV is reporting that the pilot in command was a Serbian National

UPDATE 4: **LIVE COVERAGE FROM INDIAN TV ** of the recovery operations here: … x7&live=tv

UPDATE 3: first pics of Mangalore crash … ir+Tragedy

UPDATE 2: Reports of 7 survivors

UPDATE 1: Austalia’s “ABC” is reporting that the aircraft was a “737” (variant not specified) … tral_asia/ … 97322.html … tml?hpt=T1


:frowning: Man!

Wonder what kind of aircraft? It could have been any of their aircraft, if there was 163 passengers? :frowning:


MUMBAI, India, Jan. 11, 2006 – At a signing ceremony held today at Air India’s headquarters, Boeing [NYSE: BA] Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Alan Mulally and Air India Chairman and Managing Director V. Thulasidas formally announced an order agreement for 68 airplanes. The order, placed with Boeing in December 2005, is valued at more than $11 billion at list prices. It is the single largest commercial airplane order in India’s civil aviation history. Air India’s order consists of 23 777s (top and second from top) -15 777-300ERs (Extended Range) and eight 777-200LR (Longer Range) Worldliners - and 27 787-8 Dreamliners (bottom). Air India Express, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air India, will receive 18 Next-Generation 737-800s (second from bottom).



Operational Fleet
Wide Body
B777-200LR NACIL (A) 8 0 8
B777-300ER NACIL (A) 9 0 9
B747-400 NACIL (A) 6* 0 6
B777-200ER NACIL (A) 0 3 3
B777-200A NACIL (A) 0 1 1
A310-300 NACIL (A) 4** 2 6
Wide Body Total 27 8 35

Narrow Body
B737-800 (AIX) NACIL (A) 18 4 22
A320 NACIL (I) 30*** 7 37
A319 NACIL (I) 19 5 24
A321 NACIL (I) 19 0 19
CRJ-700 NACIL (I) 0 4 4
ATR42 NACIL (I) 0 7 7
Beach1900D (Wet Lease) NACIL (I) 0 1 1
Narrow Body Total 86 28 114
Total Operational Fleet 113 36 149


LIVE VIDEO of the recovery operations here: … x7&live=tv

CAUTION: I just noticed some of the video imagery that they are showing is quite graphic


Image of tail section looks like a 747

Video footage played from ndtv link above shows a 747


I also saw the footage of the 747 landing accompanied by a huge fireball however Air India has confirmed it was a 737-800 operated by Air India Express

"Air India said the plane was a Boeing (BA.N) 737-800, with 166 people on board, including six crew members. Earlier estimates of the number of people on the plane had varied slightly.

Air India Express is a budget airline ran by state-run carrier AI.UL

“At least 160 passengers have died in the crash,” V.S. Acharya, home minister of the southern state of Karnataka, told reporters. “At least five to six people have been taken to hospital, their condition is not known.”


Wikipedia entry: … Flight_812


Pre-monsoon rains over the past two days caused low visibility in the area, officials said.

The airport’s location, on a plateau surrounded by hills, made it difficult for the firefighters to reach the scene Saturday, officials said. Aviation experts said Bajpe airport’s “tabletop” runway, which ends in a valley, makes a bad crash inevitable if a plane overshoots it. … ndia_plane


Here is a picture of the ACTUAL aircraft VT-AXV … id=1485336


Here is a comprehensive photo gallery of the aftermath:


So, is this the third in the three crashes in a row conspiracy theory?


Depends on where one conspiracy ends and the next begins, I guess. :wink:


After everyone got their crash souvenirs the public was asked to leave the area. Two men were arrested after a fight broke out about who got to take the black box home.


What’s your timescale ? It’s the fifth one this month.


Seeing as the aircraft crash type (i.e. airline, general aviation, military/government) isn’t indicated, it’s actually more than that. There were over a dozen crashes in the USA of general aviation in the past week alone.


As I said in some other recent thread, very recent, major, newsworthy crashes seem to come in threes. That is the theory, I know it doesn’t hold water but it does seem to happen from time to time.

May 22, India
May 12, Afriqiya
April 10, Polish Presidents crash.

Then a break to Jan 15 Ethiopian in Beirut, before that:

June 1, June 30, July 15

As I said, I don’t really buy it but 3 in a 6 to 8 week period…


So what’s your criterion for inclusion - number of fatalities ? … 20100517-0


Funny you should say that as reports have it the recorders have yet to be found. Obviously not for lack of manpower.