BREAKING NEWS: 707 Crash Pt Mugu NAS - Minor injuries


Happening now. Watch live on CNN … am=stream2

For some reason fire trucks not attempting to put out flames. They are relying on water drops from Ventura county helicopters


Not a 707. It’s a KC-135.

At least CNN got close. The local news here had the newsreader saying “it looks like a C-130”.


I would say it is because of the terrain. Looks rather swampy where the plane crashed, the trucks can’t get in to it. No use extending a handline, you couldn’t flow enough water through it to fight that kind of fire.


It’s a 707.



I stand corrected.


N707AR- Pretty long life, even for a B707/KC135. Here’s the history:


I have a fantastic book on the 707 titled “Individual Aircraft History of the Boeing 707” by Kivanc N. Hurturk (1998). It is the most detailed book on the 707 I’ve ever seen.

The page referenced above is very incomplete.

  • 20 Jan 69 B707-321BA line number 790, was rolled out at Renton Reg: N892PA

  • 20 Feb 69 First flight

  • 04 Mar 69 Delivered to Pan Am as Jet Clipper Star King

  • 01 Dec 69 Aborted takeoff due to bird strike and lost of #2 engine at Sydney. Extensive damage

  • 27 Jan 70 Test lfight after repairs by Boeing at Qantas Jet Base

  • 30 Jan 70 reentered service

  • 22 Mar 80 Removed from service, ferried to and placed in storage at Marana with 33,707 hours

  • 29 May 81 Still at Marana. Total hours: 33,741 Cycles: 11,297

  • 24 Mar 83 Purchased by Global International Airlines

  • 20 Sep 83 Repossessed by Pan Am and placed in storage at JFK. 34,463 hours, 11,480 cycles

  • Feb 84 Resale of aircraft approved by federal bankruptcy court

  • 03 May 84 Purchased by Falcon Aircraft International

  • 08 May 84 Leased by New World Travel Club

  • 23 May 84 returned to Falcon Aircraft International and ferried JFK-Marana for storage

  • 26 Jun 84 Ferried Marana to Santa Barbara for hush kit modifications

  • Apr 85 Reregistered N729Q and modified with hush kit. Model number changed to 707-321BA(Q)

  • Jun 85 Leased by Senter AIr

  • Jul 85 Returned to Falcon and leased to Skystar International

  • 05 Feb 87 Grounded by FAA for failing to maintain an adequate supply of spares

  • 1987 Returned to Falcon and leased to Royal Atlantic Airways

  • 05 Jun 87 Subleased to National Express to operate flight from JFK to LAX, MIA, and HNL. Aircraft painted but never flown for National Express

  • 03 Sep 87 Returned to Royal Atlantic. Ferried to Stansted for installation of oak paneled library

  • 15 Dec 87 Inaugurated Standset-JFK service. Ths was the only service flown

  • Jan 88 Returned to Falcon

  • 15 Jun 88 Purchased by Jetran. Leased same day to PLUNA

  • Mar 91 Returned to Jetran. Purchased by Comtran and placed in storage in San Antonio

  • 30 Apr 92 Purchased at San Antonio by Resolution Trust Co.

  • 29 Jul 94 Purchased by Wilmington Trust Co.

  • 1995 Purchased by Omega Air

  • 19 Jun 95 Leased, reregistered EL-AKS by Liberian government. Ferried Shannon-Bucharest. All white color scheme. Placed in storage

  • 25 Jun 96 Ferried Bucharest-Shannon

  • 10 Jul 96 Returned to Omega Air at Shannon and reregistered N707AR

  • 11 Jul 96 Ferried Shannon-Phoenix-Mojave for tanker modifications. Tracor did the tanker modifications and certification, Derian did system integrations, Able worked on the hoses and aerial refueling pumps, and West Coast Netting did the hose and drogue

  • 29 Aug 96 Ferried Mojave-Phoenix enroute to Shannon with incomplete refueling boom. Omega Air Tanker Transport titles

  • 01 Sep 96 Ferried to Farnborough for display at air show

  • Sep 96 Ferried to Southend and placed in storage pending sale to USAF

  • 1998 Ferried to Mojave and placed in storage shows the last action to be the storage. Unfortunately, a new entry in the aircraft’s long history must be added today with its crash.

#8 … ary.crash/

Aircraft being reported as a Boeing 707-368C N707MQ.

It was delivered new in 1977 to Saudi Arabian Airlines and was the 2nd last commercial B707 delivered. It was transferred on 1979 to Saudi Royal Flight and until replaced in 2003 with a Airbus A340 was a VIP Jet.

At that point it appears it was stored and eventually converted for Omega in 2005 as a tanker demonstrator.

Last commercial B707 went to the Iranian Govt - and flew the Shah of Iran out of the country in 1979 - still in service today!!



** Report created 5/19/2011 Record 1 **

Regis#: 707AR Make/Model: B707 Description: BOEING 707-321B
Date: 05/19/2011 Time: 0025

Event Type: Accident Highest Injury: None Mid Air: N Missing: N
Damage: Destroyed

City: POINT MUGU NAWC State: CA Country: US


INJURY DATA Total Fatal: 0
# Crew: 3 Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:
# Pass: 0 Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:
# Grnd: Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:


Activity: Unknown Phase: Take-off Operation: OTHER

FAA FSDO: VAN NUYS, CA (WP01) Entry date: 05/19/2011[/quote]




Thanks, rw812. I’ve never even heard of a book like that but that’s pretty cool.
Here’s a pic from the aborted takeoff:

The #2 engine does look a little funked up…and a nose gear collapse when it came off the runway.


Thanks for the picture.

The 707 book was written by a guy who was a great fan of the 707. Prior to the book he had started a monthly magazine on the airplane. Unfortunately, it was profitable and it folded.

I wish there was an update to the 707 book.