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Boeing 777-200 record time across North Atlantic!

Boeing 777-200 record time across North Atlantic (with the help of 200mph+ jetstream)!

http://www.iflscience.com/environment/commercial-plane-reaches-near-supersonic-speeds-during-flight-london :laughing:

Gotta love the press:

A commercial plane flying from New York to London Heathrow reached near-supersonic speeds on Thursday as it flew through a 200-mile-per-hour jet stream surging across the North Atlantic. The Boeing 777-200 jet reached speeds of 745 miles per hour relative to ground speed. To put that in perspective, the speed of sound at sea level is 761 miles per hour. (The airspeed of the plane was considerably lower, with the aircraft flying below the speed of sound at altitude)

  1. It did not reach near-supersonic speeds. It got a nice push reaching 745 MPH GROUND speed. The speed of sound at sea level is a nice number but somehow I don’t think the airplane was flying at sea level so that is really a useless sentence. Giving the speed of sound at the altitude they were flying would be a nice number but still has nothing to do with the GROUND speed. What the author neglected to do was basic math. 745 - 200 = 545. They apparently did not research the longer than normal time to return to New York. Probably set a record going that way too.

OK, back to cyclone watching here in paradise.

John in Mauritius

I psted it as a headline and got a boat load of Negatives.

People are finiky.

Your post was fine, it was the article that was bad.