AOG Maintenance in the Bay Area, CA????

Anybody know of a good contact for AOG Maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area?

It’s been too long since I’ve needed maintenance in the bay area so I won’t be much help there .
I can tell you the first question that will be asked by the resident pundits is “what type of aircraft?”


Corporate jets: Citations, Lears, Challengers, that kind of thing…
If anybody has contacts or experiences to share, it would be very much appreciated.

For those too shy to ask what AOG means: Aircraft on Ground (i.e. it’s broken)

OP are you looking for a job or service?

Light stuff mostly: O2, N2, tires, Lights, and the occasional bigger problem that has to happen away from base.

Sounds like 135 ops?

Try KaiserAir at KOAK. They’re reputable, and they’ll have Part 145 approvals and drug program

What type of aircraft?

Kaiser doesn’t do road trips for anything smaller than a GV. They dont work weekends or nights either.
They referred me to Mather Aviation. They seem to have a good operation going.
Anybody here used them before?

I have used Mather out at the Mather airport but not since 1997. They were good then.
ACM in San Jose was also good in those days. Small and geared towards their own managed aircraft but worth a shout. Nice small FBO too, nice change from the Jet Center.
Other than those two I have no first hand knowledge to pass on.


Mather had great service for us (at Mather) about a year ago, but we never needed service off field.

I love the cryptic nature of this request for help.