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Anyone have recent Markers.js

Have not changed my Markers.js in ages. But for some reason Ive lost my heavy Twins for example. My 777, 767 and 787s around here are all showing as heavy 4 engines.

My aircraft list looks awful small.

Not sure how it changed. Be that as it may, does anyone have a recent one with all the a/c listed?

Interfaces with more markers:



while interesting, that looks much too involved for my limited Unix Knowledge. I would prefer just an updated markers that would be easy to replace.

But thanks for the offer.

tar1090 is a single command to install and doesn’t interfere with the piaware image, it uses the aircraft.json produced by dump1090-fa (or readsb).

I’m not sure anyone has an “updated markers file” that you can drop in to your install.

You are so correct, single command line entry and it works first shot. Love the look of the map and data display.
KUDOs sir, well done.

Glad to know that you could solve the issue by installing tar1090, which has a beautiful GUI.

However just to complete the records, the latest version of file markers.js can be directly downloaded to your RPi/Computer by following command:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flightaware/dump1090/master/public_html/markers.js   



The above command downloads marker.js from dump1090-fa’s source code.

You have now installed tar1090, and its file markers.js is different from dump1090-fa’s marker.js.

In future if you need tar1090’s marker.js, it can be downloaded from tar1090’s source code by following command:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiedehopf/tar1090/master/html/markers.js  


First off, the dump1090-fa webinterface is still there.

Second, basically always you just want to update tar1090 / dump1090-fa instead of getting a single file.

Third, i don’t think you quite got the intention of the thread starter, he wants an interface with a current database.
dump1090-fa is not that, the database is not update very regularly.
Getting the “current” markers.js doesn’t help that, actually it’s even the wrong file for what was asked (777, 787 being displayed with 4 engines means it has no DB entry)

That is correct Wiedehopf, the Markers.js from the dump1090 is not updated at all and is missing a lot of Aircraft. I originally had issues with the E175 and they still have not fixed that. But, tar1090 does what I wanted and then some. Its above what I wanted so I will default to using that from now on. Its a great update to the dump1090 and what it should be. I tried Multimode 2 and its flawed out of the gate. If I could uninstall it I would, its just using up disc space. Tar1090 is my choice now :).

Yes, tar1090 has the best interface compared to all different ones I have tried.