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Any way to get the inbound flight info?


Best it is explained with an example:

I am in New York, booked on flight LH401 from New York - Frankfurt. I would like to get notified if the inbound flight has a delay or not.

In my case it would be LH400 but as a regular user I wouldn’t know that info.

I could query of course flights from Frankfurt - New York and then calculate the inbound. But there are routs flown so much that it is not easy to figure out what’s the inbound flight.

Best would be to get the registration/tail-sign and query that.


The endpoint InboundFlightInfo can be used to determine which aircraft is servicing the inbound flight. The status of this discovered flight could be polled, or an alert could be set that uses the discovered faFlightID as the ident in SetAlert.

thank you for your reply.

in the FlightXML2 Explorer doc it says:
The inbound flight cannot be determined with accuracy for some commercial airlines, particularly when the aircraft registration is not reliably known. If the inbound flight cannot be determined, an error will be returned.

Is there any info about which airlines are affected by that?