Antenna cable advice requested


I’ve been running a Pi3 in the attic with the attached FA antenna for some time. But I think I have a place I can put the antenna outside that, based on a quick check, will have good reception and not invoke the ire of the HOA. What I’d like to do is sneak a flat cable through a window (raise the window, pass the cable through, close the window; I’ve done this with flat Ethernet cables). Is it possible to do this successfully with an antenna cable? I’m ok if there is a small degradation in signal as a result. Ideally I’d like it to be up to 20’ or so. If this can be done what type of cable and connectors would be required. Obviously I know nothing about this so thanks for any help.


Use this under the window:

Then RG6 for you nearest Walmart store on each side of the window to the end points.

There will be losses, but it’s still better than being offline.


Thank you, I’ll look into that!


Oh yes, for adapters…you’ll need an N male to F female, and F female to SMA male.


Come in via a roof vent maybe? Be sure to come in from the low side of the vent otherwise water will follow the cable into the attic.


I’ve got the flat cables on order. I’ll dig through my stash and see if I already have any of those adapters.


Suggest you try the flat cable in-place with your existing setup before going to the effort of rearranging everything - there can be a lot of loss at 1GHz, which might outweigh any benefit from moving the antenna


Here are some good low-loss cables:

Just remember that to get low loss in coax cables at 1090 Mhz, 1.090 GHz, takes a thick cable, size matters.


I use this cable with adaptator


I don’t trust at all those flat cables, at 1GHz frequency. I am curious to see what results will get the new setup, when replaced in place.


Inside the flat protective jacket is a short length of RG174 or similar.
I used to use a few for VHF and up, with one on a satellite feed (~1GHz).
The short length means it ‘shouldn’t’ cause too much degradation to the system.


Probably depends on how hard you smash the coax with the window.



The one below is not good




That is my experience with the copper colored version, too, it did not really work very well at all.


When squashed in a window, all signal will be shorted and grounded through the capacitance formed between conductors and metallic window sill.



Should had installed PVC (or wood) window sills :smiley:


Yes. It ‘does’ need to be treated appropriately.

Yuck - never seen that sort. It’d be ok for AM broadcast, but not much else.

Your saying it’s not suitable for people living in trailer parks?