Announcing the release of PiAware 6

kali os does have an image for armhf (32bit) and i have the same on my raspberry pi.

Sorry, I did not read your original post carefully and thought you mentioned PC and arch linux, and replied accordingly.

Later when I reviewed your post, I realised my mistake and deleted my post.

I have myself once installed Kali linux for Arm on RPi and have installed piaware and dump1090, but instead of using pre-built deb packages from Flightaware repository, used packages built from source code.

I have even posted the bash scripts to build and install these packages from source-code in kali linux forum:

Raspberry Pi Models 2, 3, 4 - Kali 2020.4 - Install dump1090-fa, Piaware, FR24, Planefinder, RB24



I have a PiZero w2

Seem to be having issues with it not booting the piware card. It’s not showing on my network at all.

You can’ t use the current image for a Pi Zero 2W. You have to install raspi os and use a package install.
There are several threads that outline that procedure to build the packages from source.

The Pi Zero 2 W will be supported in Piaware version 7, but there is no indication when this will be released

Current Piaware SD card image (ver 6.1) is Buster based and Pi Zero 2 W has issues with it. Install Raspberry Pi OS Lite Bullseye from raspberrypi org, and build & install piaware from source code. Use following how-to’s to do this.

STEP-1: Install Raspberrpi OS Lite Bullseye, using items 1, 2 & 3 of this how-to (do NOT use items 4, 5, 6, & 7):
[Package Install] How to Install and Configure Piaware on Raspberry Pi OS Image / RPi


STEP-2: Install dump1090-fa, piaware, piaware-web and dump978-fa (if required) from this how-to:
BULLSEYE: Automated Scripts for Building and Installing piaware, dump1090-fa, dump978-fa, & piaware-web, from source code

Hi, currently using PiAware (SD Card) 5.0

Please confirm that if I use the “Upgrade and Restart PiAware” command, that will upgrade to 6.1?


yes it will upgrade to the new version.

That will upgrade only Piaware.
You have to issue another command “Upgrade and Restart dump1090-fa” to update dump1090-fa and SkyAware map.

If you have installed dump978-fa also, you will have to issue command “Upgrade and Restart dump978-fa” to upgrade it and SkyAware978 map.

Hi, currently using PiAware (SD Card) 5.0, (Buster 10).

Please confirm that if I use the “Upgrade and Restart PiAware” command, then “Upgrade and Restart dump1090-fa”, that will upgrade to 7.1?

Thanks. G

Yes that will upgrade to the current version (7.2)

Watch out for this though:

Tried “Upgrade and Restart PiAware” on site config menu, but no change.

If I need to explicitly accept changes then it makes sense that I need to upgrade via command prompt.

What commands do I need to send manually please?


sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

7.2 running thank you Lawrence.

OTA upgrades are a non exhalation event for me as my site is difficult to physically access :grinning:

Or better, sudo apt dist-upgrade.

Surely not for only getting the Piaware package updated

You don’t fancy going the whole hog then :wink:
sudo apt full-upgrade

The cleanest, easiest, trouble-free, headache-free , and with LTS (long term support) is the following method of upgrade to ver 7.2 :slightly_smiling_face:

(1) For Piaware SD card install - reimage with ver 7.2 SD card image:

PiAware Image on Raspbian Linux 7.2 ZIP

(2) For package install on Raspberry Pi OS:

(2A) If you already have Bullseye:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install --reinstall piaware

sudo apt install --reinstall dump1090-fa

sudo apt install --reinstall dump978-fa


(2B) If you have Buster or Stretch
Re-image with RaspberryPi OS Bullseye

Then install piaware, dump1090-fa and dump978-fa as per this page:


It looks like dist-upgrade and full-upgrade do the same thing.

Not quite.
full-upgrade is the equivalent of dist-upgrade and autoremove.