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Amount of data per query

Hello There,

Is there a limit on the amount of data a single query can return? Eg. can I get a full snapshot of the current US airspace in a single query ?


Most FlightXML functions are focused around traffic involving a specific airport or flight, and that argument is a required part of the function.

The free-form search functions (Search, SearchBirdseyeInFlight) could potentially be used to return unrestricted results by specifying a blank or wide query pattern. However, you don’t really want to do that since the costs can easily become extremely large since each group of 15 results will trigger another billable event. It is also highly likely that you’ll get a network timeout or a memory limit. Keep in mind that we currently track roughly 75k flights per day.

I would recommend thinking about whether you can use FlightXML to answer the actual question you’re trying to solve, rather than just trying to dump the data.