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Ameristar Falcon 20 flights into KFKR

Anyone know anything about the Ameristar Falcon 20 that has suddenly started flying in and out of Frankfort Municipal, KFKR this week?

Sometimes it’s multiple flights a day and they’ve originated in either Del Rio, TX KDRT or Adams Field, Little Rock, Arkansas, KLIT.

Also, they’ve used multiple callsigns, sometimes it’s Royal Air Fright, Pak West, Cherry Air, Alliance Air Charter, and Ameristar. All the FA20’s are Ameristar birds. Oh, and plus a Kalitta Charters FA20.

Anyone have any ideas?

My guess would be parts for new cars at the nearby Subaru plant. I’ve noted the same jets and other cargo jets here in SA from time to time and was told they were bringing parts for the Toyota plant.

No, parts for the Subaru plant fly into Purdue Airport in West Lafayette, as it can handle bigger planes, plus it’s closer to the plant.

I think I may just have to keep an ye out for them to arrive and go see what they’re unloading. It’s that these flights started a week or so ago that’s puzzled me.

Those companies calculate costs to the penny. Maybe they negotiated a fuel price that also covers the extra driving distance. Or the Chinese opened a secret car plant.