American Eagle tries new revenue stream


Scenic flights around California; … /KLAX/KLAX


Not sure how scenic it would be. There’s one big storm striking the central coast right now.


Yeah, I’ve been watching it. From 8000 miles away. Guess they didn’t really want to go to Monterey anyway.


Not just the coast, either. Try all of California! I posted this an hour or so ago over at LiveATC:

You all should have a great time listening to all of the NorCal feeds. Why? The storm we’re getting from the after effects of the earthquake and tsunami from Samoa!


KSMF 131836Z 16031G44KT 2 1/2SM RA BR SCT005 BKN014 OVC024 14/13 A2951 RMK AO2 PK WND 16044/1835 P0021

San Francisco:

KSFO 131756Z 18030G47KT 1SM R28R/5000VP6000FT +RA FEW001 OVC020 16/ A2947 RMK AO2 PK WND 18047/1748 RAB37 PRESFR SLP978 P0029 60162 T0161 10167 20150 50000

SFO is in full southerly configuration: landing ILS 19L, departing 19R. They’re taking 3 hour delays there.

Los Angeles (I’ve alloted for the magnetic offset in the winds)

KLAX 131853Z 14012KT 10SM SCT016 BKN023 18/16 A2994 RMK AO2 RAB40E53 SLP137 P0004 T01780161 $

East Ops (per the ATIS).

Long Beach:

KLGB 131853Z 16009G19KT 10SM SCT016 BKN032 BKN041 19/16 A2995 RMK AO2 RAB39E50 SLP142 P0000 T01890156

East Ops. ILS 30 circle to 7L or 12, departing 7R and 12.

It’s supposed to be this way for the next 2 days, so we should get some good time on the feeds. Plus this will be making its way east, so KRNO, KLAS, and KPHX should be joining in on the fun soon.



It’s been fun watching the trees here in Sacramento lay on their side or just outright get uprooted, though I can’t say the same for the 5 semis that overturned this morning. the storm is supposed to last through tomorrow, so this will be a fun time here as well as on any west coast LiveATC feed.



BL, how does an earthquake and resultant tsunami cause a storm 6K miles away?

I believe the storm presently being experienced on the left coast is the last vestiges of the hurricane that pounded the Philippines a few days ago.


I was wondering the same thing.

However, it is weird to see LAX taking off and landing to the east and not west today.


That’s what they were saying on the news here last night and this morning. That it was remnants from the waves and storms that hit around the Ring of Fire and the South Pacific.

However, it is weird to see LAX taking off and landing to the east and not west today.

East ops is pretty normal, when you think about it. Standard Ops there is if the winds are out of the east greater than 10kts, they’ll flip the boat. The furthest east they will go and stay west would be if winds were out of 150 - 160, where 160 is the 90 degree to the runways. Current winds there are 150@13.

If you think East ops is weird, wait until you see suicide ops. :wink:



That’s a good idear!


Hey redneck, you talk’in about them good idears again? :laughing: I wonder if that will help them make money, or not?


The energy in a storm system can’t come from an earthquake and tsunami. The tsunami can travel around the Pacific in all directions, and cause lots of trouble. For example, the 2004 tsunami devastated the local Indonesian coast, but also wiped out coastal regions in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. That’s a pretty wide area. But the big wave crashes on the shore and not much else happens in the ocean or the atmosphere after that. There could be a smaller reflected wave that then travels elsewhere, but it peters out pretty soon. There’s no way for any noticeable fraction of the energy to go into the atmosphere to stimulate a storm system.

So if the local news said it came from the tsunami, they’re mistaken. It came from something else.


Fair enough. I’m just the messenger. It doesn’t bother me one bit, until a tree across the street from my house decides to fall, taking out the telephone pole and the wires with it, knocking out power in a 5 block radius of where I live.



… and knocking out your DSL and access to FlightAware. Now that’s an emergency! :slight_smile:


Uhmmm. Bad weather? Looks like breezy with showers to me. You guys should come fly around the Great Lakes in the winter. :wink:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


As a native of Omaha, I can happily say that you get the leftovers from my hometown. :smiling_imp:



Been there, done that at SAN.