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Altitude compensation option

It is my understanding that flight aware is reporting ADS-B pressure altitude information that is not compensated for local barometric pressure. It would be a great feature to have the ability to input local BP so that the tracks are adjusted. For non commercial flights that stay within the same region this would provide a better representation of altitude.

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Great idea. At first I didn’t understand what it was about.
A BMP280 sensor is connected to my RPi as a weather station.
I know what I’ll do this weekend.

I have researched on the topic of this question and found topics like this

Also I found that Fligtfeeder represents two types of altitude

alt_baro - Barometric altitude of the aircraft [Signed Float]
alt_geom - Geometric altitude of the aircraft [Signed Float]

For example
Aircraft: 508424
Altitude_geom: 37125 ft
Altitude baro: 37000 ft