Alerts - expected route

The new alert system no longer give the expected routing. Is this just temporary? It was an awesome feature i think you should bring back

I just want to bump this to the top – expected route was indeed an excellent feature, and made it much easier to preplan when getting an FRC. Now you might not know your route until you’re in the plane, and that means a lot of origami with charts trying to figure out where they want you to go. Bring it back, please!

This issue was resolved a while ago. Both filed alerts we sent to you, Mike, included the route.

Thanks for this. There was a period, though, when the words “Expected Route” appeared in the message. Do I now assume that the route in parentheses in the alert is in fact the expected route ie. the change was that the words “expected route” disappeared? That would explain why I thought it had gone away…

Yes, we removed those two words to shorten the alerts. The route in the alert is the route we expect you to receive.

Excellent! Thanks again for the prompt replies and the fantastic service…