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Airspy R2 external clock

I have an Airspy R2 as my receiver and was thinking of using the external the 10Mhz clock input from a precision GPS reference clock source to lock the receiver.

What’s the forums sage’s thoughts on doing this, is it good or bad or over the top???

My gut feeling is that it’s probably not needed for our purposes.

OTT, but I did it anyway.
It could be useful for other users on ADS-B exchange, where one can compare ppm offset with other feeds. The drawback of this that is nobody seems to care.


I did it because I could, like @keithma said, for FlightAware I don’t think it adds much value, but it only cost me the cable to do it as I already had a GPS clock to use in the same space.

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Thanks @keithma @Humpfrey and @csweeney05
I’m not sure I will bother then.

PPM variations (within reason, maybe ± 100) are not an issue for MLAT.
ADS-B reception doesn’t care much either and if you care about reception it’s likely your SDR is TXCO anyhow so that you won’t have big PPM deviations.

MLAT is unsuited to calibrate PPM anyhow.
There are much better things for that (google GSM PPM calibration rtl-sdr).