AirportInfo returns incorrect timezone

AirportInfo quite often incorrectly returns UTC as the timezone, even though the airport timezone is not in the UTC. This happens when we try to retrieve airport info through a script making very fast calls to this function. I think there’s some race condition on the server side for this call when returning the timezone value.

For example for airport code 81CL:

{“AirportInfoResult”:{“name”:“Sandhill”,“location”:“Orinda, CA”,“longitude”:-122.1955219000000028,“latitude”:37.921313099999998997,“timezone”:“:America/Los_Angeles”}}

and then

{“AirportInfoResult”:{“name”:“Sandhill”,“location”:“Orinda, CA”,“longitude”:-122.1955219000000028,“latitude”:37.921313099999998997,“timezone”:“UTC”}}

A simple way we seem able to reproduce this is running wget:

wget —user --password -P -i

where contains the url making calls to all airport codes: … tCode=YPEA … tCode=CYHA … tCode=MA45 … tCode=BGAT

In one of our runs around 512 of the airports returned UTC as the timezone, most of them incorrectly.

I’ve reproduced this problem, but we’re still looking into the cause.