Airline Tail Numbers on

I have read here that the tail numbers of airline flights are eventually posted at How does one access this information?


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The direct URL is … me=On-Time

In case you forget it, you can go to and follow these steps:

Click data statistics
Click Aviation (under Data finder - by mode)
Click onAirline On-Time Performance Data
You should get the following:

**On-Time Performance ** This table contains on-time arrival data for non-stop domestic flights by major air carriers, and provides such additional items as departure and arrival delays, origin and destination airports, flight numbers, scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, cancelled or diverted flights, taxi-out and taxi-in times, air time, and non-stop distance.
Table Profile Carrier Release Status Download

Click on download, check the boxes you want in the output (don’t overlook the boxes at the top right), and then click on download.

The data is downloaded as a CSV file. I recommend either importing it into Excel 2007 or Microsoft Access 2000 (or later) or looking at the data in word processor. Note that Excel 2003 and earlier CANNOT import CSV files larger than 65,536 rows.

Thank you very much!