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Aircraft Separation

On a recent flight as a passenger on a commercial carrier I saw another plane closing in on a converging course to ours.
As we were traveling in somewhat of a similar direction, he was visable for 5 to 6 seconds which included both planes immediate change of course.
He banking sharply left and away and we banking sharply right and a bit down.
I actually had time to find my phone camera app (which I never use) and go for a photo except in my haste, hit the wrong button…
In the seat directly behind me was an off duty flight deck crew member who said that that was a great shot that I just took.
I related my error but noted the size of his eyes.
In order to gauge the distance between the planes, after we landed and were taxiing to the gate, I compared the size and distance of other full size aircraft on the ground to what I saw in the air.
Honestly I’m guessing 800 - 1000 yards.
I ran track 40+ years ago and know what 2 or so loops around a track look like. 440yds x 2+880yds.
The other plane and our wing as we banked away, nearly filled the window.
Is there a way to see the flight paths of this day, 3/19, on this site?
I have located the flight path of the plane that I was on for that date.
The other carrier was AAL as well.
flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL4 … /KCLT/KMIA
Our pilot had recently informed us beforehand, that we were 200 miles out of MIA so I’m guessing that all this happened about a 15 or 20 minutes later.