Aerial Mapping?



Based on flight history, sightseeing. Just a guess.


I agree. Map surveying flights usually have a route that consists of several legs that are parallel to each other. Unfortunately, I can’t find an example right now. Just imagine someone mowing a lawn. He goes down the lawn then moves over a little bit and goes up the lawn and repeats.



Good one Wazzu… Was that at YKM? Looks like the scenery I remember last time I drove down 82…


According this website the aircraft (the Aztec, not the lear) is certified in the restricted category. To me, this implies a non conforming modification or equipment installation common in special mission aircraft (survey, mapping etc). I guess it’s some form of survey or photo work flying terrian, vegatation or wildlife stuff :question: , but not precision mapping like the Lear wazzu posted.


The one I posted looks like the one in your avatar. :open_mouth:


Other than the snazzy paint job on the one in your pics, they do look alike.