account cancellation

hi i have a free access account and i’d like to cancel it because i’ve rarely been accessing it, is that possible? any help would be appreciated. nothing against the site for my leaving.

Thanks for the note but canceling your account is not necessary.

y’s that?

There’s no benefit to us or to you to cancel the account. You’re welcome to come back any time.

Translation: They don’t know how to cancel an account. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t push them or they might make you the guinea pig. :smiley:

hahah yeah idk im just cleaning up all these accounts from siites i no longer accesss…i hate having open accounts i dont use it just bothers me for some reason…ocd maybe

I’m not OCD, I’m CDO.

CDO is exactly like being OCD except it’s in alphabetical order like things are supposed to be.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’m relying on my non-existent social skills and vulgarity to get my account cancelled. Anyone want to help? :smiling_imp:

I’m thinking a fully nude version of your avatar, posed in a manner that could be considered both gymnastic and pornographic, should pretty much do the trick!

  1. Just one of the many reasons why I like you…

and…we’re patiently waiting I might add. :exclamation:

I think you are describing a particular, well-known user to these forums.