Accessing Departure time of a flight in FlightInfo Method


I am trying to accessing the actual departure time of various flight using FlightInfo method

Here is the sample code snippet

Time of flight is #TimeFormat(vflights*.filed_departuretime, “hh:mm”)#

But the departure time is always showing as 12:00

Is this something normal ?
or Am I doing any mistake in accessing the time

Please guide me in this*


I don’t have any experience with ColdFusion so it’s hard for me to comment on how you’re accessing the data. Are the rest of the fields being populated as expected and it’s just the actualDepartureTime that is wrong? If it’s possible it might be useful to inspect the raw response coming back from the server and see if there is some issue in the response or with the mapping.


Thanks for the response
My concern here is why is the departure time always showing as 12:00AM ?
Is that something normal ?


No I would not expect filed_departuretime to consistently be 12:00am. Have you tried making your same query using a tool like Postman to make a REST request so you can see what the results should be?

What does your request object for that FlightInfo request look like also?