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757 Problems?

After reading through this incident report, I am quite stunned at what I have found. Now, I understand no one has died and the 757 is one of the safest aircraft but, after reading this report, it seems to me every 3 to 5 days something is wrong with the 757. Multiple reports of engine failure during landing, computer glitches etc. Does it seem that the 757 is just getting old or is their still a flaw with it. Its funny how the FAA has not addressed any of this.

aeroinside.com/incidents/typ … ng-757-200

Yes. By your objective observations I would immediately stop flying the 757. Perhaps all Boeing aircraft…


Here. http://www.aeroinside.com/incidents/type/b738/boeing-7537-800

Now you can worry about the 737-800 too. And they’ve only been around since 1994!

Embraer is already on the list too. Roxysoxy is down to Airbus and Canadair.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mo … S._by_year

Cars are now out too…

So your guys advice is to… basically sit in a confined room and never move because if you move, that could cause to much blood flow and a heart attack. Ok got it :smiley:.

Yup. Since you are looking at the data from such a narrow perspective, from your view sitting at home is the best suggestion. Perhaps looking at the big picture might help.

Well, ya gotta move around occasionally or you run the risk of blood clots! Like a really long flight.